Technical Instruction

•Before the test, all mechanical and electrical switches are in the closed position.
•• prepare cement and water in accordance with gb10238-88 and [API] specification 10 regarding the preparation method of cement slurry.
•the slurry cup internal, thread and blade coated with petroleum jelly oil, combination of good pulp cup.
• if a kettle temperature below 27 ℃, the initial temperature can be used on manually warms up reach the 27 ℃.
•• in the constant speed mixer preparation cement slurry, quickly into the slurry cup, screw plug.
•• use the hook to hang up the two holes of the LIDS of the pulp cup, the pulp cup is put into the two holes of the pulp cup platform in the kettle, turn on the motor switch, the pulp cup is stable, there should be no big shaking, if there is shaking to adjust the installation.
•Therefore will potentiometer into the kettle, so that the pulp cup shaft inserted into the potentiometer beam universal bearing hole, the digital voltmeter should be the initial consistency indication.
•Top kettle cover, with hand screw can be.(after tightening the lid, return it to about 30 degrees for easy disassembly)
•We will electrical couple inserted into the cauldron, we will screw the lock nut (dont tighten).
• on gas source, when the kettle full of oil, will overflow from the couple lock nut, then quickly turn on the lock nut.
•In the operation of pump switch, in the operation of booster pump, in accordance with the requirements of the code, in the case of the pressure meter value reaching the required initial pressure, close the pump switch.
•How to set the warming program of the temperature regulator, open the alarm switch, set the alarm sound when the alarm consistency is reached.
•Punch the switch on the recorder.(if automatic shutdown is required, please move the automatic stop switch at the back of the instrument panel to the right side to “open” after the recorder display is normal, and move this switch to the left side to “close” after the experiment so as to start up next time.)
•The meter switch is turned on and the timing begins

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