Custom Instrument Design


We are committed to making reliable and quality products that reduce the industry’s impact on the environment and cementing/drilling industry. Shenyang Taige’s instruments are approved by many major companies’  engineering and test departments and comply with health and safety regulations around the globe.
Shenyang Taige’s Custom Design Engineers are dedicated to coordinating with you to meet your testing needs while offering the flexibility to meet the demands of tomorrow. We are fully prepared to assist you by offering ISO 9001:2018 QMS certified services, including:
  • Consulting with you in order to better understand your specific testing target
  • Designing equipment and software to your required standards
  • Manufacturing your equipment under our ISO 9000:2018 certified Quality Management System. Our supplying instruments are in compliance with API and oilwell cement testing requirements.
  • Installing and Commissioning at your lab to ensure years of productive service
  • Training your lab staff so they can safely and effectively operate your testing equipment. We traveled the int’l customers providing training, calibration and repair services on cement testing instruments, regardless of original manufacturer. Our friendly and knowledgeable engineers are experienced in troubleshooting and servicing a wide range of instruments. There simply is no reason to look anywhere else for the high quality parts and service at favorable pricing.
  • Supporting &Upgrading  you and your testing equipment with quality parts, ongoing service and consultations.  And we are skilled at upgrading or re-manufacturing existing cement testing equipment. We can rebuild your old equipment to like-new condition, regardless of original manufacturer. This is one way to extend the life of your original capital investment and minimize cost.


Whether it’s a modification to an existing design, proprietary instrument manufacturing, or a completely new design, we are ready for the challenge. Customer satisfaction is our priority and quality is our standard.

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