Update on QHSE Management System

Shenyang Taige Oil Equipment recently updated QHSE management system, which integrates quality, health, safety and environmental management modes systematically to realize enterprise QHSE standardization management, and build a set of four-in-one scientific, systematic, perfect and standardized information system covering the entire enterprise. The construction of Shenyang Taige’s QHSE management system is based on the princiTest equipment& partsple of “taking us as the mainstay and eclecticism”, drawing on the advanced HSE management concepts and methods, and combining the actual production to supplement and improve the current HSE management system. The grassroots units are the executive bodies of the HSE system construction, the grassroots units should implement the HSE management system and integrate them into daily production management, the grassroots leaders should earnest leadership and promote the participation of all employees, and continuously improve the HSE awareness of employees and correct insecurity. Behavior, thereby effectively controlling process risks and preventing accidents.


Post time: Feb-18-2024
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