Schlumberger renamed, Technology company driving the future of energy

On October 24, Schlumberger officially announced that Schlumberger was renamed SLB, becoming a technology company promoting the future of energy.

According to Schlumberger’s announcement on the 24th, the company officially announced that it would change its name to SLB. Under the vision of low-carbon energy, it would transform itself from a global leading oilfield technology service company to a global technology company, committed to energy innovation driven and building a harmonious earth home. From now on, the traditional Schlumberger brand and all its affiliated brands will become a unified new brand SLB.


For the development of the industry, what remains unchanged is always change. From the British oil giant BP (BP) spent 200 million US dollars 20 years ago to reinvent its brand and move towards “beyond petroleum”, to the “depetrolization” of Statoil in 2018, it announced that it would change its name from “Statoil” to “Equinor”, as well as the transformation of Total from Total to TotalEnergy last year, and the renaming of Qatar Oil Company from Qatar Petroleum to Qatar Energy, It can be seen that under the energy transformation, the oil industry has undergone earth shaking changes.

Facing the new situation of global energy transformation and low-carbon and clean development of oil companies, the oil service industry has to make a choice. In 2020, Schlumberger New Energy was established by Schlumberger to launch new energy business, start its new journey and make efforts on multiple tracks. According to Olivier Le Peuch, CEO of Schlumberger, Schlumberger has made layout in hydrogen, lithium, CCS and geothermal energy, and will continue to enrich and improve the product portfolio of new energy in the future.

Olivier Le Peuch, CEO of Schlumberger, pointed out that today we are facing the biggest balance challenge in the world, that is, how to provide reliable, convenient and economical energy for the demand side of growth, and at the same time, how to rapidly decarbonize to achieve a sustainable future. This dual challenge requires a balance between energy economy, security and sustainability. This requires the oil and gas industry and new energy solutions to achieve a balance between innovation and decarbonization, as well as a more balanced energy structure to build a harmonious earth home. The new SLB will be committed to meeting the energy demand of today’s world faster and more profoundly, and open up a path for the transformation of the energy industry. This is a brave self challenge. However, our talent, technology and performance are unmatched and we are ready to meet this challenge. ”

PricewaterhouseCoopers believes that the transferability of skills is crucial for companies that are transitioning to low carbon. In addition, the analysis of Rystad Energy, a well-known energy consulting company, shows that in the future, about $90 billion (40%) of the revenues of the top 50 oil service companies in the world may be replaced by clean energy related projects. Therefore, how to transform the service advantages/skills of traditional oil service enterprises in the oil and gas industry into the skills of serving clean energy will become particularly important.


According to the renaming announcement of Schlumberger, it will make use of the progress made in low-carbon emission reduction, and under the guidance of its vision of energy innovation and building a harmonious earth, Schlumberger will focus on providing customers with results oriented solutions in the following four areas:


New energy system – SLB is focusing on creating and expanding new energy system in the future. With the development of new energy business becoming the strategic driving force of the company, SLB will continue to establish partnerships in various industries and develop technologies in five areas: carbon solutions, hydrogen, geothermal and geological energy, energy storage and key minerals. This includes the company’s Celsius Energy business, which reduces the carbon footprint of buildings by obtaining energy from the earth; And Genvia, a clean hydrogen technology company with French renewable energy research institute CEA and other partners.

Post time: Nov-10-2022
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