Cementing is one of the most critical steps in the drilling and completion of oil or gas wells.Well cementing technology is the application of many scientific and engineering disciplines.Cement supports and protects well casings and helps achieve zonal isolation. Critical to safer, environmentally sound, and profitable wells, zonal isolation is created and maintained in the wellbore by the cementing process.

A good cement job starts with proper understanding of well design objectives and application of cementing best practices, including mud conditioning, job rates, densities, centralization, and other factors that maximize mud displacement efficiencies. These are critical elements for long-term zonal isolation.

Scope of cementing services:
  • Cementing Equipment
  • Cementing Engineering Design & Optimization.
  • Primary & Remedial Cementing
  • Laboratory Test of Cement Slurry Properties.
  • Cement Plug for Sidetrack, Well Abandonment, Lost Circulation Solutions.
  • Cementing Chemicals
  • Field Cementing Implementation
    • Cement Bond/Sheath Evaluation
  • cementing test instruments

Post time: May-27-2022
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