Operation procedures of Atmospheric consistometer

Model TG-1220C Consistometer is specially designed in accordance with American Petroleum Institute (API) specification 10, which is used to measure the thickening time, free water content, rheological properties, fluid loss, thickening time and various other properties.

Atmospheric consistometer

Instrument Structure

Normal atmosphere includes heater, motor, electronics parts, DC power supply, temperature controller, time relay, stainless steel water bath, equipment boxes and so on.

The instrument is equipped with double-cylinder; you can do two cement tests at the same time. Temperature controller is used to control the temperature of water tank. Compared with United States normal atmospheric consistometer, it increases two time relays which can time and time alarm. Two potentiometer connected sockets are respectively on lower left and lower right. Potentiometer is use to test consistency. The instrument has an alarm device. When consistency reaches the target consistency, the control system sends alarm sound, easing the tension of the surveillance state.

3. Specifications

Input Voltage:                   220V  50Hz

Working Pressure:              Normal Atmosphere

Maximum Temperature:         93℃

Heater Power:                 3000W

Rotational Speed:              150 r/min±15 r/min

ConsistencyRange:            0 -100 Bc

Dimensions:                  40*43*65 cm

Weight:                      50Kg


1. All electrical switches should be turned off before experiment.

2. Put potentiometer which is equipped with paddle in the empty slurry cup, and then put slurry cup in the consistometer. Turn on power switch and motor switch. Potentiometer indication should be zero.

3. Close electrical switches, and pour 15 liters of distilled water into the tank.

4. Adjust temperature controller. Adjust parameters to needed value.

5. Prepare cement slurry according to oil well cement standard “GB10238-2005″ section 7.2.5.

6. Make good combination of slurry cup and blades.

7. Pour well-prepared cement slurry to slurry cup till it reaches engraved lines. Equip a potentiometer, and position it.

8. Put potentiometer drive pin in right place. Time should be no more than 1min.

9. Open power switch, motor switch and heater switch orderly.

10. Do heat up and stir up automatically in the pre-set temperature of the tank.

When value of test consistency is reached, the alarm will sound automatically. Immediately turn off the heater switch, motor switch, power switch, remove the slurry cup, and then end testing.

Post time: Jul-14-2023
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